Mac DeMarco, Cole (DIIV), Jack (Wild Nothing) & Dustin (Beach Fossils) for their band Shitfather.
King Krule

Mac DeMarco.

Happy Birthday Alex Turner. Congrats on not dying at 27.


I haven’t listened to Kurt Vile in a while and I kind of miss listening to this song every single day.

Anonymous: whats yr name

My name is Bryan. Everyone spells it Brian. My grandpa spells it Brain. So I’m not really sure anymore.

skinnyknees: Dude your blog is so fokn beautiful I'm in love thank you for existing

Hey thanks! Let’s meet up on Monday to pick out the furniture.

Anonymous: /post/44928160468/jake-bugg i don't think that's jake bugg!

I think it is whoops.

Yesterday I attended the Bleached concert that also featured the bands Together Pangea, Cherry Glazerr, and Winter. It was fucking rad. Fucking rad. The break down is Winter couldn’t get anyone pumped but it was good, Cherry Glazerr started a mosh pit and everyone was pumped and it was awesome, Together Pangea destroyed and it was awesome, Bleached was amazing and the only reason I wasn’t more into it is because I was exhausted. I only bought Cherry Glazerr merch but the other merch was pretty good as well. The Bleached shirts and the Together Pangea were awesome. It was really awesome, (other than the stupid fucking hipsters that were in the front row but wouldn’t dance. Seriously fuck off, or dance dickheads).